When my internet I have to disable my norton internet security why is that ?

And if I don’t disable my norton internet won’t work.It’s reverse people use security to protect their computer form getting viruses but I have to let viruses in or my internet won’t work.

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  1. dan the man says:

    Have you moved to a different IP address? Norton is not recognizing that your internet connection is not the one you want to connect to…Try uninstalling all of Norton’s services and reinstalling them….

  2. devendra t says:

    I assume you are using Norton Internet Security software…
    ANSWER : Open norton Internet Secutity…Click on Personal Firewall…Click on the Configure Button on the right bottom corner…Click on the Program TAB (second TAB)…A list of programs will be list down below…Select “Internet Explorer”…Just Next to Internet Explorer you will see “Automatic”…click on Automatic and change it to ACCEPT ALL….Click OK…Exit out of Norton…restart the computer…
    GO ONLINE…with norton enabled……


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