Who is a computer security expert or how does one become a computer security expert?

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  1. digital genius says:

    computer security involves 10 common bodies of knowledge.

    Access control systems and methodology

    applications and systemd development security

    business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning


    law, investigation and ethics

    operations security

    physical security

    security models and architecture

    security management practices

    telecommunications and network security

    if you are well versed in these 10 CBK’s (common bodies of knowledge) you can take the CISSP certification test.
    having passed that. you can expect a salary of around 150K per annum to start.
    you can pick up the book CISSP 3rd edition study guide at half priced books, barnes & nobles. or your favo book store,
    good luck with it.

  2. MikeSideline says:

    Look into CISSP certification. CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

  3. pappu says:

    Security Prossional is the Security Administrator of the company or the vendors the company has hired in the IT department to make there network secure, most companies hire vendors to do it.
    One can become security expert by clearing CCNA( Cisco ceritfied Network Assocciate) and then
    CCSP(Cisco certified Security Professional).
    These are the internationally renowned certified courses which ceritifies you.
    CCNA is there because its the base for networking , during it you will only knw what ur network comprises and how to build a vast network, and what are the requirements the secuirty areas and all , and after that CCSP…

  4. gin_dropz says:

    You can never be a security expert unless you are a hacker trying to breach in other computer networks..
    think about it…….

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