Why does AVG Internet Security 8 continually fail to start because the application configuration is incorrect?

I installed AVG 8 for the first time while ago and after it had been working for some time it said, “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

Ok so I reinstalled the application from my AVG Internet Security 8 disc and it then worked again.

And then the same error has occurered and if I reinstall it most likely the same thing is going to happen.

What is going on and how do I fix this problem?

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  1. Cameron S :D says:

    Avg 7. Fine. Avg 7.5. Fine. Avg 8.0 though, sucks! It slows down your computer and has been known for these bugs. The only thing you can really do is contact AVG and ask them for help.

  2. ezekiel 08 says:

    AVG has a reputation for having horrible software (along with Norton). I doubt there is a solution to your problem, it’s the software that’s broken.

    I suggest you use Avast! 4.8 ( http://www.avast.com/eng/programs.html ) as your anti-virus app. It’s free and doesn’t let anything infected touch your computer, I’ve been using it for years now. For a great free firewall, your best bet is Comodo Firewall Pro 3 (with +Defence, it’s a life saver) ( http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/download_firewall.html ).

    There are other great applications like Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 ( http://www.kaspersky.com/internet_security_trial ), though this isn’t free. You can download a free 30 day trial, it’s worth it.

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