Will this cause problem to my computer or its security?

When trying to install a game, a box came up and asked “Would you allow this programme to make changes to your Computer?” (something like that). What could be the changes made? Will it harm my computer? If I want to change the changes what should I do?

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  1. TOM says:

    no when u install something that box some time pop up its ok, u can always use system restore if you have a problem

  2. Walt says:

    Do you have an anti-virus installed? If so, use it to scan the game before you install it to see if it has anything bad. If it doesn’t then you should be fine. Accepting the changes won’t harm your computer if there is no virus in it. The only changes it would make is changes to the sound and graphics cards to work with the game.

  3. paul says:

    if you got the game from a trusted source, then there is no problem. the changes being made are the game copying its files to your computer that help you your computer to run the game. There is probably no problem though.

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